Forum Of Inglewood – One Night At The Forum

Forum Of Inglewood (front)Recorded Live in Los Angeles, CA.
November 14, 1970 (Evening Show)

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01 That's All Right
02 I Got A Woman / Amen
03 Love Me Tender
04 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
05 You've Lost That Lovin Feelin'
06 Polk Salad Annie
07 Introductions by Elvis
08 Johnny B Goode
09 Introductions by Elvis
10 How Great Thou Art
11 The Wonder Of You
12 Heartbreak Hotel
13 Blue Suede Shoes
14 One Night
15 Love Me
16 Trying To Get To You
17 Elvis talks
18 Hound Dog
19 Elvis talks
20 Bridge Over Troubled Water
21 Suspicious Minds
22 Elvis talks / Funny How Times Slips Away / Elvis announces "That's The Way It Is"
23 Can't Help Falling In Love
24 Polk Salad Annie / Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp



A good show with solid performances, also the oldies are treated with respect. Very good That`s All Right, One Night or Bridge Over Troubled water. The tour was a huge success. We already had the afternoon show and now the evening show of Elvis’ performances in Los Angeles on November 14, 1970 has been released. How good is a CD with a typo in the title ("Ingelwood" in stead of "Inglewood")? Design The design is very plain, a picture of Elvis on the front and back, and a nice action shot as a “fold out” inside the booklet (all from the afternoon show). No liner notes or other information whatsoever. We wonder why none of the famous "fringe-photos" were used, Elvis had that suit made for this show. Content This is the first time this show is released on CD; it has been available on tape and on the WWW. We already had releases from November 11, 12 and 16. The Forum Of Inglewood was the biggest venue on this second tour of 1970 and no other artist had ever sold out the 20.000 seats. It took Elvis only 5 hours, an extra concert in the same venue sold out a few days later. This audience recording catches Elvis wearing the famous Fringe suit, which got all tied up. The concert itself is a short one, running little under 55 minutes, but Elvis puts down a good show. He is outspoken telling the audience about the number of Gold records he had (200 million sold by then) and a maternity suit, claiming it is not true. Musically it is a good show to listen to, even in this quality, with too much low-tones and Elvis sometimes way in the back. Elvis is joking on “Love me Tender”, strong on “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” and “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” and fast on “Hound Dog”. “Polk Salad Annie” is a good version, the second half mostly instrumental since Elvis gets tied up in the fringes during the last song, and therefore probably introduces the band this early in the show. After James’ signature song “Johnny B Goode” the rest of the band is being introduced. “How Great Thou Art”, without the (sometimes annoying) reprise, is the first on-stage version which really gets the audience enthusiastic. Although he speaks the words a bit fast sometime, and the versions are short, like “The Wonder Of You”, the performances still are very enjoyable versions. In 1970 it is already clear which songs Elvis likes to perform on stage, and the basic list for the rest of his touring years can be made out. The fifties classics already get the “quickie” treatment, but still the audience reacts like this is what they came to hear. Elvis and Ronnie seem to play a game to see who finishes “Hound Dog” first (Elvis won). The show is closed with the standard song. But this time, after the end of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” the band slips into a few bars of “Polk Salad Annie” giving Elvis time to untangle his fringes from the microphone cord, before we get a reprise of the bridge of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love” closing this show definitely. Conclusion This is an enjoyable show to listen song wise, but not so enjoyable audio wise, as with many audience recordings. But for now this is all we have to enjoy.


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