International Earthquake

International Earthquake (front)Recorded Live at International Hotel.
February 5, 1970 (Dinner Show)


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01 Orchestra Intro / Opening Vamp
02 All Shook Up
03 I Got A Woman
04 Proud Mary
05 Don't Cry Daddy
06 Monologue
07 Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
08 Love Me
09 See See Rider
10 Let It Be Me
11 I Can't Stop Loving You
12 Love Me Tender
13 Dialogue
14 In The Ghetto
15 Sweet Caroline
16 Polk Salad Annie
17 Band Introduction
18 Suspicious Minds
19 Can't Help Falling In Love
20 Rick Rennie Comments*



*(recorded prior to the concert)

For some reason there has always been controversy about the releases from the Czech Fan Club on the Memory Label. In Czech the copyright laws aren't as tight as elsewhere in the world. This made it possible to release a lot of out-take material. In the past we got some nice CD's with out-takes from the movie soundtracks. Not new to the bootleg collector, but very interesting for the fans who never bought those releases. This year two new CD's from the Czech fan club were released and they differ from the previous out-take releases. The first one is "International Earthquake" with the Las Vegas Dinner Show from February 5 1970. Design This CD was released in 2001 on the Krystal Records label with the title "Sheik Of The Desert". That release had a very simple design. This release with the same content has a much better design. The cover has a very original image of Elvis on the cover, putting his teeth in the microphone chord. inside the booklet we get the written text of the little "speech" by Rick Renny explaining why he recorded this concert. To summarize it: RCA used the scissors too much when they released an Elvis Live LP. He wanted to bring out a complete (uncut) Elvis concert experience. Content Contrary to several CD's released from the tapes Rick Rennie recorded live, this one has a lesser sound quality than the others. According to the For Elvis CD Collectors Site the tape circulated longer on CDR with the title "Blowin' Off The Roof". The only change with the original release is that now the comments by Rick Rennie are the last track and not the first one. Since the quality of the original sound-tape isn't too good, the sound on this CD isn't either. They did some editing to improve the sound and made some different cuts from the previous release. The show is O.K. Elvis still has that energy from his return to the stage. Conclusion Now this energetic concert has been released "officially" in the Czech Republic that's the main difference with the previous release. If you already have "Sheik Of The Desert" you don't need this release, if you don't, you must be willing to listen to audience releases to appreciate this release.


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