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We specialize in Rare Elvis CD and DVD Downloads, CDs and DVDs. Our goal is to create the ultimate Elvis website for the fans to be able to have everything and anything to do with Elvis at their fingertips. By joining and becoming a member, you will be able to Play and Download everything we have. Most of them are Free for members. Join now and you will have Immediate and Unlimited access to download any CD or DVD that you choose.  If you don't feel like joining, you also have the option to download  or purchase a specific CD or DVD that you want without joining the club. By joining though, you will not only get the downloads for Free, but you'll also get and have access to our entire website! Check our Membership Plans! You will also have the option to purchase our Physical CD and DVD collection at a special members price (10% OFF - 30% OFF). All of our CDs and DVDs are New, Original and comes Sealed delivered right to your door.

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ATTENTION: We are pleased to announce that we are converting all of our Elvis CDs to HD FLAC format! (High-Resolution Audio) We want to give you the very Best quality possible. We are in the process of transferring everything over to FLAC so keep checking if your favorite Elvis CD is converted yet. It will all be done and complete soon. All CDs that are available in FLAC format with have the FLAC logo by the title. Also, all of the CD downloads will come with a FLAC download option along with the standard mp3. So if you don't want FLAC, you will be still be able to use mp3, it's your choice. What Is HD FLAC Audio?

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We have a NEW service on our website. If you want to purchase any Elvis Original CD or DVD, you can now by clicking one of the links below. All of our original CDs and DVDs come Brand New, Sealed and Shipped directly to your door.

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By joining The Presley Club you will be able to Play and Download everything we have. You can even stream the CDs or DVDs Instantly much like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody, Tidal & Google Play. Download or Stream, it's your choice. The main difference between us those other streaming services is that when you Download our music or videos, they are forever yours. Yes, you own them! All the other steaming music services require you to use their App to play your downloads you paid for. If you cancel their service, you Lose all your downloads! However, with our website, you get to keep your downloads whether you remain a member or not. They are yours!

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Things you will be able to do:

You will be able to browse our website and find a CD or DVD that you want, and play or download instantly. These high quality downloads allow you to play them on your Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet, MP3 player, Sonos, home stereo, computer, or any electronic device that you have. You can even play our DVD videos on your DVD/Blu-ray player and your home theater system! Each download comes with all the CD/DVD artwork. Also, most CDs/DVDs include high quality never-before-seen photos of Elvis performing at this concerts. Maybe you were at one of these Elvis concerts that we have. We have hundreds of concert downloads, try to find the concert that you went to by typing in the search bar or just browse the concert years to find it. Then you can go back down memory lane and relive the incredible experience. If we don't have a particular CD or DVD that you are looking for, just Contact Us and we will find it for you.

Here at The Presley Club, you will be able to instantly purchase many CD or DVD downloads without joining the club. However, if you Join Now and become a member, you will have immediate access to the whole site and be able to download or stream all the CDs and DVDs that we have!

NOTE: If you would rather have your Elvis CD or DVD Download on a Disc instead of a Digital Download, just Contact Us and let us know. We will gladly put it on a CD or DVD for you at No Charge!* Also, if you are not a member of The Presley Club and you want to purchase a particular CD or DVD Download or Actual Disc, just let us know and we can send you a separate Paypal invoice for it so you can purchase it without joining the Club. As you can see, we give you many options. So feel free to Contact Us and request a Disc or Download.^

You do not have to Join and Become a Member to The Presley Club to Get our Elvis CDs and DVDs! You can buy anything you want and Download INSTANTLY without Joining. Check out our FAQs page fore more Details.

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It's very cost effective by becoming a Member. For as little as only $5.95 per month, you can have Full Unlimited Access to Everything! So for less than the price of just one download, you will be able to download all of them rather than paying for each download separately. Our website is also AD Free! Meaning No irritating Pop Ups that all the other sites have. So you can't lose! Check out our Membership Plans to choose one that's right for you.

We also have all the Elvis Movies that you can Stream or Download just like you would on Netflix or Amazon. The benefit with our website is that you can Download and keep any of our DVDs, something that you can't do with Netflix. Plus on Amazon, when you purchase a movie download, you only get to keep it as long as you have Amazon. With all of our Downloads, you get to keep Forever!

Keep Checking Our Updates for New Elvis Stuff!

So whether you want to listen to Elvis In HD (High-Definition Audio) or listen to one of our hundreds of Rare Concert CDs, Rare Studio CDs or sing along with our One of a Kind Karaoke Elvis CDs, you can do it here at The Presley Club! So Bookmark us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates on all of our Elvis stuff.

Notice: There are still many areas of the website that aren't completely finished yet. However, we are continuously working on it and we are Constantly Adding New Items all the time! So if you come across a CD or DVD that isn't available yet, don't panic, because it will be available soon. 

* We will put the download on a disc for you for Free but you will be responsible to pay the shipping & processing fee.

^ If you are not a member and you want to purchase the actual CD or DVD, we only send you the disc only. It does not include the artwork or case. However, you can special order the Original Sealed CD or DVD (if available) with everything included.

Join Now and become an Elite Member, and a whole New Elvis World will open up to you!

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