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We specialize in Rare Elvis CD and DVD Downloads, Hi-Res, QMastered™ CD FLAC downloads and Restored & Remastered MAX-Q™ (HD & 4K Ultra HD) DVD downloads. Our goal is to create the ultimate Elvis website for the fans to be able to have everything and anything to do with Elvis at their fingertips. Join now and you will have Immediate and Unlimited access to download any CD or DVD that we have available on the entire website.  If you don't feel like joining the club right now, you also have the option to purchase a specific CD or DVD download of your choice without joining the club.° By joining though, you will not only get the downloads for Free, but you'll also get and have access to our entire website! Check out our New Membership Plan Options! You will also have the option to purchase our CDs on High-Resolution USB KDRIVE™ Format¹ and our DVDs on MAX-Q™ (HD & 4K UHD) USB VDRIVE™ Format² at a special members discounted price (10% OFF - 25% OFF). Just pick the Plan that's right for you.

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The Ultimate Elvis 4K Movie Collection! (MAX-Q™ – 4K Ultra HD®) VDRIVE™


This is The Ultimate Elvis Movie Collection (MAX-Q™ – 4K Ultra HD®) VDRIVE that features all 31 Elvis movies in Stunning 4K UHD® (3840×2160) Resolution. They have all been REWORKED, RESTORED and REMASTERED using the new breakthrough MAX-Q™ TECHNOLOGY. Also, all 31 Elvis movies are on one high-capacity USB VDRIVE™, which means all you have to do is plug and play. No Download Required.

This New USB VDRIVE™ Format Will Play On All PCs, Laptops, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players & TVs. Basically, It Will Play On Anything That Has A USB Port.




MAX-Q™ - 4K Ultra HD® (3840x2160) USB VDRIVE™ Format

This 2021 Special Edition VDRIVEpackage also includes Newly Found Footage of ELVIS and Unreleased, Never Before Seen concert scenes that were cut from the original film. READ MORE...






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Due to recent copyright laws and restrictions, we will not be selling any Official◊ Elvis DVD downloads such as movies (Blue Hawaii, Love Me Tender, Clambake, etc…) or concerts & specials (68’ Comeback, Elvis On Tour, Aloha From Hawaii, etc…) or will be selling any Official◊ CD downloads such as (30 #1 Hits, Moody Blue, Way Down, etc…). However, we will now be giving you all of these downloads for FREE, just by joining one of our Membership Plans. We will still be selling all of our other CD and DVD downloads that have never been officially released by EPE or RCA, Sony, etc... We have many Membership Plan Options available for you to choose from. When you join The Presley Club, you will have unlimited access to all of the CD and DVD downloads we have available depending on which Plan you choose. By becoming a Presley Club member, you will be supporting us in keeping the website up and running & helping with our operational fees such as website hosting, domain, storage, design, maintenance, etc… In return, we will give you full access to all of the CD and DVD downloads we have available on the entire website.

ATTENTION: We are pleased to announce that we are converting all of our Elvis CDs to HD FLAC format (High-Resolution Audio) for our SILVER MEMBERSHIP Members! We want to give you the very Best quality possible. We are in the process of transferring everything over to FLAC so keep checking if your favorite Elvis CD is converted yet. It will all be done and complete soon. All CDs that are available in FLAC format with have the FLAC logo by the title. Also, all of the CD downloads will come with a FLAC download option along with the standard mp3 for our BRONZE MEMBERSHIP Members. So if you don't want FLAC, you will be still be able to use mp3, it's your choice. What Is HD FLAC Audio?

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Official CD or DVD downloads include music or video that has been Officially released by EPE or a major record company.