What Is High-Resolution Audio?

An High-Resolution HD Audio file is a one to one exact digital copy of the master tape. There is no better way to hear recorded music than hearing an HD Audio Hi-Res file played back on your device with headphones or a good pair of speakers. Hi-Res FLAC & DSD Audio music downloads sound tremendously better than MP3s or even CDS. With an HD Audio download you are in the recording studio with your favorite artist!

Just as High-Definition revolutionized movie watching, you can now enjoy a defining listening experience with High-Resolution Audio. Using a higher sampling rate than in CDs for the encoding and playback of music, it brings your favorite tracks to life in a new way through pin sharp clarity and nuances.

DSD and FLAC are studio-quality lossless digital-audio format. This means that they does not lose data like other types of compressed audio files. Lossless compression still retains low-level resolution of a standard CD. The advantage of DSD and FLAC is that it takes up less room on your computer than an AIFF or WAV. Additionally, FLAC will play gapless audio, an advantage for albums and playlists which feature segueing between tracks.

The graphs below illustrate the difference of original analogue sound waves, sample rate of CDs and the greater frequency used to record High-Res Audio.


Watch the video below for a simple, clear explanation of what Hi-Res Audio is.



Hear the Difference!

Now put your Headphones on or hook up a good set of speakers and prepare to be Blown Away!

Standard mp3 format: (My Way mp3)


Now Listen to the same song in HD Hi-Res Audio FLAC format: (My Way HD High-Res)


(This comparison is just to give you an idea of how much more Superior sounding HD Audio is vs. standard mp3 downloads. You'll notice how crisper and cleaner the HD format sounds. When you actually download one of our Hi-Res Albums, it's sounds even Better)


Q: Why do High-Resolution Audio files take longer to download than files from other digital music stores?
A: HD Audio (FLAC-DSD) or also known as Hi-Res Audio files are better than a CD quality lossless compression file that is about 6 times as large as a normal 128kbps MP3 file.

Q: Will I really hear the difference between the various formats?
A: You should hear a substantial difference when listening to the music on a home stereo or headphones. The music will sound cleaner, the bass will be tighter and you will notice a higher definition in all the instruments. If you are going to pay for digital music, you might as well own it in the highest-quality format available.

Q: Why do you charge more for tracks?
A: Many web-based music downloading sites sell tracks for $0.99. However, they are selling you low-quality MP3-compressed files. Full CD-quality files use more bandwidth and storage space so our costs are higher. In addition, we use specialized audiophile encoding processes to get the best sound. With HD Audio Files, you might pay more per download, but you are getting a much higher-quality product.

If you are not a download person and just don't want to mess with them, but love the idea of listening to High-Resolution music, try getting your Hi-Res Audio music on a Super Audio CD [SACD] instead. That gives you the best of both world's. You still get to use CDs and you also get the benefit of hearing them in High-Resolution Audio. With the New HYBRID 3 Technology, it's now possible to play these new Super Audio HYBRID 3 CDs in any standard CD player and get the same Hi-Res quality output as you would with an SACD player.

So are you ready to listen to your music in a different way?
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