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ELVIS: ALOHA From Hawaii – THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE took over a year to complete and it’s done in stunning, breathtaking 4K UHD (3840×2160) format.

Also included is the Aloha from Hawaii – Up-Close & Personal Special version of this concert that has been brilliantly re-mastered to give the clearest, sharpest and best color restoration ever seen, it also features the new Full Screen – One Shot version.

Finally, the complete, uncut, re-mastered extra bonus footage of Elvis’ arrival. Over 18 minutes long.

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This project took over a year to complete and we give a special thanks to Mikey, a huge, dedicated Elvis fan for making it all possible. This 4K UHD (3840x2160) Ultimate Experience version is dedicated to him, Elvis, the TCB band, Marty Pasetta, everyone who ever worked on it, and of course the fans.

We found that this historic concert that was recorded live at the Honolulu International Center at 12:30 AM, Sunday, January 14th, 1973, never got a proper release, and the source video and audio footage not being used to their full potential.

So we, along with Mikey's amazing devotion and hard work, took upon the challenge to combine the unique footage from each of the previous available releases, fix all the problems, properly edit it in a split screen fashion like Elvis On Tour, together with a remixed soundtrack and convert the final result in outstanding 4K ULTRA HD quality and see Elvis like we’ve never seen him before.

The concert was captured by using about five to ten standard definition color broadcast camera's that were mixed to three different tape machines. This meant that the editors of the original special were fairly limited in the choice of camera angles. Despite this, they did a fantastic job with the technology that was available in 1973.

To make the show more exciting, editors decided to re-use some segments from one part of a song and put it  in another. Not the best idea. In this new version, those segments are in the correct time and place. By doing that, it somehow makes Elvis more human and personal as he sings his songs.

Most audio mixes in the previous versions of this concert are overly reverberated. The instruments and vocals feel distant and buried. The goal with this new audio mix was to give you a more direct experience. We want you to feel the kick of the drum, hear the beautiful melody of the bass and guitars, bring you a strong up front Elvis lead vocal and make you experience the dynamic backing vocalists and powerful, harmonic orchestra like you have never heard before.

There are a few more problems with previous releases of this concert that needed to be addressed.

The original broadcast and the 2004 DVD release both omit camera angles that should be there. The 40th anniversary edition is edited like someone got a hold of a new software program and added all these unnecessary effects and transitions that basically just strain your eyes. Plus, it’s only available in low quality DVD video with a serious audio issue. One of the audio channels is completely empty.

The 2004 DVD release also claims to be the complete concert, but it turns out, as we did a comparison and further research, we found that quite a bit of footage was still removed.

We now feel that all of the issues with the previous releases and versions of this amazing concert have been resolved and corrected properly. We feel very confident in the final results to release this version in breathtaking 4K UHD (3840x2160) format and view it like it well deserves to be viewed.

Aloha from Hawaii: Up-Close & Personal Full Screen - One Shot!

Also included in this amazing package is the Complete ELVIS: Aloha from Hawaii / Up-Close & Personal concert that was recorded live at the Honolulu International Center at 12:30 AM, Sunday, January 14th, 1973. However, this re-mastered version is extra special because it’s not only brilliantly re-mastered to give the clearest, sharpest and best color restoration ever, it also is Full Screen - One Shot. In other words, this concert was shot with multiple camera’s and camera angle’s giving the split screen views of Elvis from all sides, which is great to see. However, some Elvis fans aren’t crazy about that format and would rather see Elvis on a more personal level on only one screen and more close-up footage. That’s where this version shines. We took the main camera shot/angle which features many close-ups of Elvis and only used just that one shot and angle for almost the entire concert. There are some split screen parts along with some different camera angles, but most all of the concert is the main one shot, close-up camera angle. So with this Special version you get a very unique up-close, full screen and brilliant view of Elvis that will leave you star struck.

The Arrival

Finally we give you the complete, uncut, re-mastered and never before seen extra bonus footage of Elvis’ arrival by helicopter in Honolulu, greeted by his adoring fans. Only about 2 minutes of this extremely rare footage was seen in the original airing. Now you get to see the complete uncut footage, over 18 minutes worth, restored & re-mastered giving you the most outstanding picture quality you’ve ever seen.

In conclusion, we feel that this package represents the best version of ELVIS: Aloha from Hawaii and delivers the most complete, most preferred viewing footage along with the highest video & audio quality ever seen. Therefore, giving you THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in

2 reviews for ELVIS: Aloha from Hawaii – THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE!

  1. Paul Green

    Paul Green

    Unbelievable clarity. This is by far the best version I’ve ever seen of Aloha and I’ve seen them all. Excellent!

  2. David Selent


    I am so glad they released this in 4K. I recently just bought a new 4K TV and I was so excited to see that this was now available. Well, I wasn’t let down. Seeing Elvis in 4K Ultra HD is truly amazing! I’ve never seen him so clear before. All I can say is WOW! Well worth the money.

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