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Introducing the New USB VDRIVE™


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Why the NEW USB VDRIVE™ is replacing DVDs!

Some of the main reasons are because it can hold so much more data than any DVD or Blu-Ray® can, therefore, giving you an extremely higher quality picture. It's also much more convenient, smaller and easier to use and play your movies. You don't even need a DVD player. It plays Instantly on anything! Just plug it in and play. No download is needed. Plus, it lasts forever.

Top 5 Reason’s Why the New USB VDRIVE is the Best Way To Watch Your Movies:

1. All Movies are Stored on only One Device
2. Never Wears Out (Lasts Forever)
3. No Special Equipment Needed. Play's on Anything that has a USB Port
4. Saves Storage & Space. No Download is Needed
5. All Movies are Organized & Ready to Go. Just Plug & Play

Over the years the devices used to store and play our movies/videos on have changed for the better. We first had the VHS Tape. Then the Beta which was smaller and better but really didn't take off to well. Then came the wonderful DVD. Then even better than that, out came the HD Blu-Ray DVD. The popular way we watch movies now is HD & 4K UHD® Streaming. You can rent or buy your movie but there are a few downsides with that. First, it can get kind of pricey. With renting, you have to pay between $3.95 - $7.95, even more if you want HD or 4K, and you only have 24 hours to watch it. Then it's gone. The other option is to Buy the movie from anywhere between $12.95 - $24.95, then you get to watch it over and over again. But did you know that you don't actually own that movie that you just shelled out $20.00 for. That's because you never really download it. It's stored on the servers of whatever streaming service you purchased it on, whether it be Amazon, Google Play, iTunes etc... so although you may have access to it, you don't really fully possess it because it's not downloaded on anything of yours. For example, what if you no longer have internet access? You can't watch your movie you "supposedly" own. Or, what if the service you purchased it from is no longer in business? Yes, it CAN happen. Again, you can't watch your movie or many other movies you may have purchased over the years. You are simply out of luck. All your money you invested and your movies are gone and you're left with nothing!


Forget the DVDs & Blu-Ray discs that can get scratched, broken, or simply just takes up space. We are taking another step forward by replacing the old DVDs and their technology with a new technology that's smaller and better. We now have the NEW High-Capacity USB VDRIVE™ to store and watch all of our movies on. And guess what? You physically own the movies and you can play them whenever & wherever you want, without an internet connection. You don't need to have a DVD player or any special device to play these movies on now. Plus, you can easily take it with you anywhere you go and play them on your PC, Laptop, DVD/Blu-Ray Player, TV etc... basically anything that has a USB port. Instead of carrying around individual DVDs with you, you’ll now be able to carry everything on just one little USB VDRIVE™ that you can even put on your key-chain and carry it with you right in your pocket. Yes, all your movies and videos are always right at your fingertips to watch anywhere, anytime and last forever because they Never wear out or get scratched like DVDs do. Simply just Plug & Play. Plus, remember, you don't need to have a high-speed internet connection to play these VDRIVE™ videos and movies.


Gone are the days when you had to wait forever it seemed, sometimes several hours for your movie to download on your PC. With the new VDRIVE™, simply just plug it into your TV and INSTANTLY watch your movie. No Download Needed. Plus, no more worrying about the large video files taking up valuable space on your PC hard drive because these movies are all stored right on the VDRIVE™. You can even play a movie right on your phone if you want to.



With this new USB VDRIVE™, you have the option to purchase a multiple movie package, like the Ultimate Elvis HD Movie Collectionor you can purchase individual movies or concerts on a USB VDRIVE™. The choice is entirely up to you. It doesn't get any better than that. This really is the future of how we watch movies from now on.


Try your first VDRIVE™ Movie Experience by getting one of the packages below.

Ultimate Elvis HD Movie Collection! (USB VDRIVE Format)
Ultimate 4K Elvis Movie Collection! [MAX-Q - 4K Ultra HD] VDRIVE