What is a HYBRID 4 CD?

The New HYBRID 4™ Hi-Res Audio CD With QMastering™ Technology


This is a totally new breakthrough in every aspect by using different and new technologies to create this new High-Resolution Audio CD. They are simply named HYBRID 4™ (H4) Hi-Res Audio CDs. The unique aspect about this new Hi-Res Audio CD is that it utilizes and combines 4 different mastering techniques & processes to develop the highest quality audio CD possible. Not only that, they will also play on ANY CD player and pump out this awesome Hi-Res quality sound without having to have any special equipment to do so. Nor do you have to invest in an expensive CD player to play them. No additional equipment needed.



Another very nice benefit with these H4® CDs is the ability to display all of the CD information on your home or car audio CD players screen when you insert the disc. Our HYBRID 4™ CDs show the album artwork, artist name, track info & album title when played on CD players.◊ That’s something standard Red Book pressed CDs can’t do. How many times have you inserted a standard CD and all it displays on the screen is Track 01, Track 02, Track 03 etc…. Our Hi-Res H4®CDs  display everything! Plus, they will play on any and all CD players.

The 4 Unique Processes

1. These CDs are of course High-Resolution Audio. They have been re-mastered by taking the audio from the original (354kHz/24bit) studio master recording. Sony had the right idea when they came out with the Super Audio CD™ [SACD] but the only problem was that you had to have a special SACD player to play them. They were not cheap either. Therefore, even though they sounded better than a standard CD, most people didn’t want to pay all that extra money for a dedicated and needed piece of equipment just to play them on, so they didn’t take off as well as expected. With the new HYBRID 4™ Hi-Res CD, it not only sounds exceptionally better than a SACD, it also can be played on any CD player producing a much higher quality sound than an SACD ever could. It frankly just blows it out of the water.

2. They are also "HALF-SPEED REMASTERED". Similar to the half-speed mastered records that came out back in the 70s & 80s that sounded so amazing. For those of you who know about Half-Speed Mastered records and remember the first time when you heard one and couldn’t believe how the music and voice just jumped out of the speakers, it truly sounded like they were right there in the room with you. It was really amazing how good they sounded. Well, we have recreated that same effect with the way we master these new H4® CDs now. The studio master recording is professionally burned at 0.5 speed (half-speed) and is utilizing the same principle. The master is burned at 1/2 the speed it normally would be to give a much cleaner, sharper, deeper and more precise surface on the CD master for better quality sound. We finally devised a way that we can use that mastering technique with not only just records but also with CDs now. The only difference is that with records, they are cutting grooves in the vinyl with a lathe at half the speed to get a better, deeper and more precise cut to produce a much better sound. Similarly, using this same concept with CDs, instead of cutting grooves, the master is "burned" with a professional high powered laser beam that etches bumps (called pits) into its surface. The lack of a bump, which is a flat, unburned area on the disc is called a (land). So by burning the master at half the speed, much slower than they normally would, we can create those bumps & flat spaces with much higher detail, therefore resulting in a superior sound quality.

3. All the new H4® CDs have been QMastered™. QMastering is a brand new mastering technique that features a state of the art computer software program specifically designed to re-master the original studio audio to produce the highest quality sound possible. Much better than a Hi-Res Super Audio CD™ [SACD] can give. QMastering™ is the most important step in this whole 4 step process with these HYBRID 4™ CDs. QMastering™ is a new state of the art multi-process mastering software program that first, re-masters the original 44kHz/16bit wav format studio master recording by running it through the QMastering™ computer program. It then perfectly adjusts the EQ, reverb, gain, limiting and compression to give each audio track the best possible sound quality. Then they convert the 44kHz/16bit wav format studio master that was just QMastered™, to Hi-Res FLAC 192kHz/24bit format and re-master it again using the QMastering™ system. Doing this extra step and mastering it again from 192kHz/24bit Hi-Res format, the QMaster® program will be able to tweak it and get even more depth, clarity and dynamic range of the audio than before. Then after running it through the QMastering™ computer program twice, they do one more final step. For those that say you have to have a set of human ears to properly master an album, low and behold, we cover that too and give you 3 of them on top of the perfect QMastering™ software computer program. We have 3 expert sound engineers that have over 40 years combined professional mastering experience listen to the finished QMastered™ result and if necessary, give it some final tweaks or adjustments that only the human ears can pick up. They say 80% of the time they don't have to do anything to it. However, if 1, 2 or all 3 of the sound engineers feel the need to tweak it up a little, they do. But here's the key, whether the engineers do anything to the final master or not, all 3 of them have to agree with the final adjustments before it's approved for final release. The sound quality is amazing and produces much better sound than the original SACDs. In fact, the sound quality of these New HYBRID 4™ QMastered™ CDs blows the Super Audio™ CDs out of the water!

4. Now the 4th and final thing that's done on these H4® CDs is encoding the final master by using  MQA®Master Quality Authenticated. This has a unique encoding process by electronically folding and unfolding (music origami) to encode the huge 354kHz/24bit format file size down to a manageable Hi-Res 44kHz/16bit CD format file size to get all this to work together and give all the unbelievable audio quality and make it work on one CD, able to be played on any CD player with superior results. So the new HYBRID 4™ High-Resolution CD as you see combines 4 different unique production techniques including state of the art QMastering™ software to produce a much better quality finished product.