What Is QMastering?

What is QMastered™, and how does QMastering™ work?


Q MasteringQMastering™ is a multi-process, state of the art mastering technique that produces the ultimate, perfect audio sound possible from the original studio master session.

What is the highest quality audio format for listening to music? We have come a long way with the way we listen to our music. First, we had records, which still a whole lot of people prefer, especially when the Half-Speed Mastered versions came out. They really sounded amazing.  Then we had the good Ol’ 8-Track. Now out came the Cassette Tape, which had nice portability, but didn’t sound that much better.

Then A Breakthrough In Sound Quality

Then a breakthrough! The introduction of the Compact Disc® or CD. This format changed the way we now listened to our music and people were ecstatic about it. It sounded great, didn’t wear out or skip and was very portable.

What Happened To The Quality?

Then all of a sudden we seemed to go backwards with our sound quality with the new mp3 format. Yes, at first it seemed great. You could fit a whole album on one little device and even see the album cover. For portability and convenience, the mp3 is still very popular with a lot of people. However, there’s one thing that people started missing when listening to mp3’s……. the QUALITY! With the mp3, we hugely sacrificed the quality of the music for convenience. Something had to be done. We’ve come so far with all our technology to end up with something that sounds so lifeless, flat and lackluster like the mp3. Low and behold, something was done about it.

Finally! Going In The Right Direction Again

The High-Resolution Audio format came to life. Now we can listen to music in a way that the artist originally intended for us to do. Yes, we now can download Hi-Res Audio music and get the best out of it. The most popular Hi-Res formats are Lossless FLAC or AIFF 96kHz/24bit, 192kHz/24bit or DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/1-bit, 5.6MHz/1-bit. Which is the best? We’ll get into that later.

So finally we’re on the right track. We have the right idea now by having the best format to use to give our music all of it’s potential to sound the best it can, however, it doesn’t mean anything if the original studio audio isn’t mastered correctly. If the music isn’t mastered right and you have a poorly mastered original, it doesn’t matter what Hi-Res format you put it on, it’s simply not going to sound any better. So what does that tell us? It tells us that Mastering is the most important part of the whole audio process.

QMastering™ involves using a newly developed, groundbreaking multi-process mastering technique that features a state of the art computer software program specifically designed to re-master the original studio audio recording to produce the highest quality sound possible. First, we take the original studio master, usually 44kHz/16bit wav format and run it through our QMastering™ computer program. It then perfectly adjusts the EQ, reverb, gain, limiting and compression to give each audio track the best possible sound quality without overdoing it.

In the QMastering™ process, we also use all of the latest, most advanced professional mastering equipment available along with the exclusive QMaster™ software program to give each studio recording the sensation of being in the presence of the actual performance.

The next step that we do in QMastering™ is one of the key and unique ingenious aspects in the whole QMaster™ process that gives us that edge over all the other mastering methods. We convert the 44kHz/16bit wav format studio master that we just QMastered™, to Hi-Res FLAC 192kHz/24bit format and re-master it again using the QMastering™ system. To accomplish this successfully, we make sure that we leave enough headroom to work with after completing the first re-master. By doing this extra step and mastering it again from 192kHz/24bit Hi-Res format, the QMaster™ program will be able to tweak it and get even more depth, clarity and dynamic range out of the studio audio than ever before.

Now, for those of you that say you have to have a set of human ears and years of experience to properly master an album, just hold on a second, we're not finished yet. We cover that too by not only giving you just one set of ears, we give you 3 sets of ears with years of experience on top of the perfect QMastering™ software system. We have 3 expert sound engineers that have over 40 years combined professional mastering experience listen to the finished QMastered™ result and if necessary, give it some final tweaks or adjustments that only the human ears can sense and feel.

Yes, The QMastering™ System Is Really That Good!

Remarkably, this QMaster™ program is so good at what it was designed to do, 80% of the time our engineers don't have to do anything to it. However, if 1, 2 or all 3 of the sound engineers feel the need to tweak it up a little, they do. But here's the key, whether the engineers do anything to the final master or not, all 3 of them have to agree with the final result before it's approved for release. The sound quality is absolutely amazing and produces much better sound than the original SACDs. There is noticeably such a high quality boost in the audio, we are so confident, that if you can’t notice the difference between a standard audio recording verses one that has been QMastered™, we’ll refund your money. It's that simple.

So always look for that official QMastered™ logo to make sure you’re getting the very highest Quality possible when you listen to your music.